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Billy Smyth Youth Bursary

In 1950, at the tender age of 14, Billy Smyth’s brother bought him his first bike, a B.S.A. Light Tourist. From this moment onwards Billy’s love of cycling bloomed and with his first pay packet, back in 1954, he bought his very first racing bike. A one speed Mercian. Throughout his teenage years he had many adventures on his trusted steed. Billy’s love affair with cycling continued throughout his life and he was responsible for introducing many a newcomer to the joys cycling brought with it. He was passionate and enthusiastic about cycling, racing and the sport in general. For Billy, “where you were going wasn’t important, it was the method of going and the group activity that was important”. As a legacy and tribute to Billy, the club have set up an annual bursary to support the coaching of young Phoenix riders under the age of 18 that participate in competitive events.

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