Club Runs

Day / Times

The official day and time of the Phoenix CC runs are as follows

Saturday & Sunday @ 9am

Groups and speeds

B2 Bandit Run

Ico distance

55-75 Miles

Ico speed

15-17 Mph

B2 Bandit Run Info

Wednesday Evening Run

Ico distance

25-30 Mile

Ico speed

12-16 mph

Wednesday Evening Run Info

A Run

Ico distance

65 to 80+ miles

Ico speed

19 to 21 mph

A Run Info

B1 Run

Ico distance

55 to 75+ miles

Ico speed

17 to 19 mph

B1 Run Info

B2 Runs

Ico distance

45 to 65+ miles

Ico speed

14 to 17.5 mph

B2 Runs Info
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