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Brendan Mc Cartan(Zulle), Retiring Club Secretary

After 20 Years as Club Secretary , Zulle gave up the reigns and passed the office onto Geoff Garrett, on Saturday 16th a few members had arranged to go for something to eat and to present Brendan with a memento for all his years of service to the club , not only as the club secretary but also the club safety officer!! , this title is up for debate, for anyone who has cycled with him will surely know !!

He was presented with a picture of himself in a recognisable pose, a trip to Majorca curiosity of Stuart Hall Cycling and donations collected from many members.  When club members were asked what inscription was to be placed on the picture , many came forward but many were not printable and if you know Brendan 1 of his famous saying when somebody in the group gets into difficulty you can hear him shout ” Pedal like !!!!” , I will leave it to yourself to fill in the blanks , in the end we opted for a more sedate wording .

After the meal many ended up the Errigle bar where the crack continued.

Here’s to many more years of cycling Brendan Enjoy


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